Booking Inspections in Bulk
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Property Inspect now makes it possible to quickly add inspections in bulk to save you time. When you create the bulk inspections, you will need to select the same:

  • Report Type

  • Template

  • Date

  • Clerk

These settings can always be changed once the inspection has been created. 

To begin, navigate to the Properties tab and click on the blue Select button on the right hand side of the address search bar.

Once you have clicked this, checkboxes will then appear on the left hand side of the properties. Select on the properties you would like to create an inspection for, you can search for the properties using the address search bar. 

When you have selected all the properties, from the Add Inspection drop down, click Add Inspection. 

A pop up box will appear for you to input the following info: 

Click 'Create Inspection'.

Navigate to the inspections tab, select Calendar view and you will see all your inspections you have created for that day. 

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