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Helping a Client get Started with Property Inspect
Helping a Client get Started with Property Inspect

What a client can expect to see when first logging into their Property Inspect account.

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If you have yet to add clients into your account, click here to discover how.

Clients on Property Inspect have a limited view and access on their accounts, and as an account holder, you have control over this. Clients can only see what inspections and properties have been assigned to them.

When you add your client, they will receive their login details in an email to help set them up with their account.

Once they are logged in, their dashboard will be familiar to the following:

From here they can navigate to the Inspections or Properties tab to see their list of inspections and properties.

The Inspections and Properties list will be very limited in comparison to your account, as they are only able to see what has been assigned to them.

If a client clicks on an Inspection, they will see the overview of the booking. On the info tab, they are also able to add any messages to your team.

Once a report is marked as Complete by a clerk, the Client will then be able to View and Share the report, download a PDF copy and view the Share History and Activity of the booking.

Clients will only be able to view the Activity from the moment it was complete.

On the top right hand side, when they hover over their name, a dropdown menu will appear.

On the preferences tab, they will be able to customise the types of email notification they receive

As well as integrate with any third party software, if applicable, in the Integrations tab

Clients also can have the option to book in inspections using Property Inspect see here. If you would not like your clients to have this ability, you can switch this off. From the Clients tab, find and click on the client and then onto the Settings tab. Under the Enabled Inspection Types section, you can check and uncheck the type of inspections you would like your client to add.

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