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How to Close Inspection Reports
How to Close Inspection Reports

This article will help understand how to close an inspection and what options you have once an inspection report has been closed.

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Closed > The inspection report is locked and finalised, no further changes can be made and signatures cannot be removed or added.

How to close inspection reports?

Reports can be closed in two ways:

  1. Set to automatically close after a certain time period:

Settings > General: scroll down to 'Inspection Settings' where you will find 'Auto Close Inspections'.

You can choose the time period that an inspection should automatically close.

2. The Admin or Manager on the account can manually close the inspection once it has been completed:

Go to the completed inspection and click on the 'Close Inspection' tab.

TIP: *** If you require the report to be signed before it is closed ***

The 'Declaration and Signatures' feature must be switched on. This will include a Signature line on the report that is sent to the Signee/Tenant/Landlord for reviewing. Once the report is signed, the admin or manager can go to that specific report to close it, or wait for the inspection to close automatically.

General Settings > Report Settings > Declarations and Signatures:

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