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Work Order - Photo Comparisons

Learn more on how to transfer the initial photo(s) from an inspection to a Work Order inspection for easy comparison.

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Please note that this feature comes standard with our Enterprise plan and is also available as part of our Advanced Actions add-on package. Contact our Support team for more info.

You can now display & compare the photo(s) of flagged Actions, i.e., repairs, maintenance, cleaning etc. from your initial inspection, with the new photos taken when conducting the Work Order inspection report.

  1. Create the initial inspection, flagging issues with follow-up actions, using the Property Inspect Actions feature.

  2. Create the Work Order inspection from the action list. (Click here if you need additional guidance.)

  3. Conduct your Work Order inspection.

  4. Be sure to add a photo of the completed repairs or maintenance while conducting your Work Order inspection.

5. Mark the Work Order inspection as Complete.

When viewing the report, you will have the ability to click on the image, scroll down and view both the photo after completion of the work order and the initial photo side-by-side.

If you need more information about Advanced Actions or Work Orders, please contact our Support team.

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