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Accounting Integrations

Learn more about how to integrate your accounting software to your Property Inspect account, eg. Xero or Quickbooks.

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Please contact our Support team if you would like to enable this integration(s) on your account.

Property Inspect allows you to integrate your accounting software for easy finance management.

We currently support integration with:

  • Xero

  • Quickbooks

Start off on your online web dashboard > click on Settings > Integrations:

Click on the blue "Connect" button under the accounting software you'd like to integrate with. You must have an active account with the software for the integration to connect.

Follow the prompts and you will successfully connect your accounting software.

Notes to remember (for all accounting integrations):

  • An invoice for a report is Synced when the report is marked as Cancelled, Complete or Closed.

  • An invoice for daily batching is sent on the following day at 7am.

  • Weekly invoices are batched together and sent every Monday at 7am to cover the period from the previous Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59.

  • Monthly invoices are batched and sent on the 1st of the month at 7am to cover all invoices marked Cancelled, Complete or Closed in the previous month.

  • You can manually sync an invoice at anytime by clicking on 'Sync Invoice'.

  • An invoice is only synced once; it cannot be de-synced or amended once it is synced.

*NEW*: Create Quote on Accounting Integration for Action Reports

You now have the ability to set your Property Inspect account to automatically generate a quote on your accounting integration software (Xero or Quickbooks) when you create an action report.

*Please contact our Support Team to enable this feature on your account.

  1. On your online dashboard, navigate to the info page of the inspection that you need to create the Action Report for.

  2. Click on the 'Actions' tab on the inspection > once you are ready to generate the report, click on 'Create Action Report'.

    As soon as you create the report, a quote for the action report will be generated in your integrated accounting software.

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