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Filter Segments for Properties and Inspections
Filter Segments for Properties and Inspections

You can now set up unique filter segments under the Filter options for your Inspections and Properties on your online dashboard.

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The new Filter Segment option will allow you to easily set custom filter options that you can apply at any time when you want to filter out properties or inspections quickly and efficiently.

  1. Navigate to the Inspections tab or Properties tab on your online dashboard.

    On the left of the screen are the filter options > choose the specific filter options you want to apply:

  2. Once you have selected your filter options, click on Create Filter Segment:

  3. Create a name for the filter segment.

    You also have the ability to assign the filter segment with a specific colour > click on the box with a red cross to open up the colour palette:

  4. Once you have saved the filter segment, it will appear at the top of the list.

  5. You can create as many segments as you want > click on the one you want to apply and it will automatically bring up the filtered data:

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