Inspection Report Types

Learn more about report inspection types and how to customise them based on your inspection needs.

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Your Property Inspect account comes setup with default inspection types, depending on the industry you are in. For example, as a rental agent you might have:

  • Inventory inspection;

  • Move-in inspection;

  • Move-out inspection; and

  • Standalone inspection

Generally, the standalone inspection type can be used for most 'standalone' reports, and it is possible to rename the title of the report.

Navigate to creating a new Inspection as usual, or if the inspection has already been created, select the pen icon next to the Report Type instead.



Choose the report type that would best suit your needs and then above the Report Type box is an editable text box.

However, should you require custom inspection types (which will display on your dashboard, please submit your inspection types via the support channel :)

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