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A Guide to Clients: Adding Additional Comments and Photos
A Guide to Clients: Adding Additional Comments and Photos

How to add additional comments and photos to inspections completed and shared with you as a client.

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The new and improved Commenting feature in Property Inspect allows all recipients of the report, to add their comments alongside items throughout the report. This saves the burden of typing up notes against reference numbers, keeps everything in one place and allows you to review the feedback provided by the inspector alongside your initial comments. The end result being seemless dispute resolution about findings in your report, a whole lot faster.

Here's how to get started

Once an inspection has been completed by the inspector, you as the client will receive an email similar to the below, with a link to view the report.

Click on the button or the report link, to view the report within the comfort of your own home.

Read and review the report and in the event that the inspection provider has enabled certain features on the report you will have the ability to:

  • Add your own comments to the report,

  • Upload photos,

  • Share the report with another person via email,

  • Download the report as a PDF.

Add Comments and additional photos

Click into the additional comments section of the report, this field may be located at the very end of the table or in a seperate row below the item.

  • Type your comments as needed.

  • Once you have finalised the comments be sure to click on the save button to save the comment on the report.

Similarly, if the camera icon is available on the report, you will have the ability to add additional photos of the item to the report.

  • Click on the camera icon.

  • Click on the upload attachment button.

  • Choose a photo from your computer.

  • Once uploaded a red icon with a number will appear on the report, next to the camera icon.

Sign the Report

To sign the inspection report, you can either scroll to the end of the report or click on the signature option at the top right-hand side of the page.

Identify your role (landlord, owner, etc.) insert your personal information if it isn't already present on screen and sign the report as needed.

Your signature will be added to the report, along with the date and time it was signed at.

Share the Report via Email

The inspection service provider will receive an email notifying them of your comment or the fact that you have signed the report. However, if you wanted to, you have the ability to email the report to them or another recipient via email.

Simply click on the share option at the top right-hand side of the page, add the email address of the recipient with a customised message and click to share.

Download the report as a PDF

To download the PDF version of the report, click on the PDF option at the top right-hand side of the page. A new window will open on screen and the PDF document will be generated.

Once the document has generated, you will be presented with a download button.

Click on the download link and save the report to your computer.

Logging into Property Inspect

As a client user of Property Inspect, you have the ability to view all inspections associated with your property, directly in our system.

Clients on Property Inspect have a limited view and can only see what the account holder (inspection service provider) have given you permission to see. As a rule, you should have access to your inspections and properties as assigned to you by the account holder.

For more information and an overview of the system, feel free to read the "Helping a Client get Started with Property Inspect" article.

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