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Parent Units and Sub Properties
Parent Units and Sub Properties

Create a Building/Main Property and add units for easier block management.

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Our Parent and sub-units feature helps to make Block Inspection Management easier and more efficient. It's also handy for managing HMO inspections too or any situation where you would like to group properties together.


Unlimited Parent & Sub Unit Properties

With our latest release, you can now create an unlimited chains of parent-unit relationships. This will allow for those who manage large-scale buildings or homes, or help manage rooms within a sub-unit that is located within a building.

When creating a unit/room for a specific sub-unit of a property, follow the same steps of creating a new property.

When it's time to choose the "Parent Unit", you will now be able to search for the unit you want to assign this new unit/room to, as the system will include the units for you to choose from.

How does it work?

It is now possible to create sub properties for a larger property unit. Example, you could have a large building which is the Parent Unit and the multiple flats within that building would be the Sub Properties.

To use this feature, you will need to add or edit a property to be the main building/property. Once you have added that, you can then create the sub-unit property. Navigate to Add New Property from your Properties tab:

Next to Parent Unit, select Choose and your property list will appear. Select the property you would like to assign this sub-unit to:

Once you have done this, finish editing the sub-unit and save.

The sub properties will not won't show up on the properties list; they will show on a new "Units" tab under the main Building/Property, keeping them tidy and grouped together.

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